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DBI is a subsidiary of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce, founded in 2006.  For many years, DBI was supported financially by the Town of Bloomsburg and internal fundraising.  It employed a full-time downtown manager who oversaw merchant promotions, marketing of the downtown, and fundraising. 


In 2013, DBI commissioned a strategic enhancement plan for the downtown which generated a vision for the downtown.


In 2018, the town withdrew its funding.  Since then, DBI has been run by a group of committed volunteers made up of local merchants and citizens dedicated to promoting the Downtown.  In addition to events including Renaissance Jamboree and Coming Home for Christmas, DBI funds beautification efforts including the Courthouse Plaza, light-pole banners and flags, and the downtown Christmas tree.

Sunshine 3-23-15.JPG

Board of Directors


Tim Wagner, President

Kim Keck, Vice President

Oren Helbok, Treasurer

Mike Zarrett, Secretary

Matt Beagle

Colin Cronen

Stephanie Derk

Justin Hummel, Mayor

Jessica Lehman

Jarod Lofton

Jeff Lylo

Josh Nespoli

Sue Norton

Marina Patterson

Tim Pelton

Cindy Schultz

Carey Smith

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