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The Avenue   

Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc., and its partners CKH Rentals and JAG Housing welcome everyone to the newest amenity along Main Street, The Avenue.  This one-block stretch of Miller Avenue has gone into private ownership, but it remains a wholly public space -- and thanks to CKH, JAG, and DBI, a safe, attractive, and welcoming one.  One of the primary connections between Main Street and the Pine Avenue parking lot, The Avenue no longer allows motor traffic -- so you can walk through it safely day or night.  Thanks to Brewskis Coffee & Bar for their donations of benches and tables, you can sit and enjoy a meal or a snack or a treat from any of our downtown eateries, or the brown-bag lunch you brought from home, or simply sitting and passing the time of day.


DBI works with many partners; our friends at The Exchange have taken on the role of impresario, booking entertainment for all of our First Fridays and occasional lunchtime concerts -- keep an eye on our Facebook page for what we have coming up.  Over time, we and our partners will bring more features to The Avenue -- enhanced lighting, more plants, and of course artwork.  All of these things cost money, and DBI as a 501(c)3 non-profit will gratefully accept your 100%-tax-deductible contributions towards them.


A brief history lesson: When Bloomsburg's planners laid out the grid here in the early 19th century, they used the word "street" for all of the major thoroughfares and the word "avenue" for all of the alleys -- the exact opposite of New York City, say, with its primary avenues and secondary streets.  Bloomsburg's Miller Avenue runs between 1st Street (at Rosemont Cemetery) and 6th Street (at the railroad track); befitting its central location in our downtown and its importance as a pedestrian way, we have dubbed our one-block stretch of it THE Avenue -- and we look forward to seeing you there!

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