Renaissance Jamboree

Lisa Makara

549 Fair Street  |MC 61-82  |  Bloomsburg, PA 17815


40th Annual Renaissance Jamboree


Dear Crafter,


The Town of Bloomsburg, Bloomsburg University, CGA Inc.’s Program Board, Downtown Bloomsburg Inc., and the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce are happy to sponsor the 2018 Renaissance Jamboree from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, April 28, 2018.  The Main Street, from Iron to West Streets, will be closed to traffic and will feature an arts and craft show and sale.  Service agencies and non-profit organizations will sell food and conduct games.  Musicians, dancers, vocalists and other performers will entertain thousands of visitors.  The event will be held rain or shine. Free parking with shuttle service is provided from Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital parking lot and the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds.





      Returning vendors completing the ON-LINE application and space payment fee by December 31, 2017 will be guaranteed a space.  Spaces are $65.00 per space (limit 3 spaces).    Unless otherwise requested, space assignments will be based on the prior year’s location.  Any vendor applying after December 31, 2017 will pay an $80 per space fee.  All applications must be received by March 12, 2018.   If awarded a space, you will receive an email no later than March 19, 2018.



      We invite you to sell your handcrafted, original works made by you or a member of your immediate family. A maximum of 10% of your items displayed may be of the “non-handmade” stature.  However, all non-handmade goods must be accessory items to the actual handmade item, example: a crafter may sell their handmade candle with a glass holder (non-handmade).


      Natural or “edible” crafts such as honey, vinegars, herbs, and related items produced by a crafter will be permitted. However, items should not be designed or packaged to be consumed on the premises and each application will be reviewed to insure items meet this requirement.  If you are selling canned food item(s) you will need to upload a copy of your “Food Safety Handling Certificate” or your card from the PA Dept. of Agricultural, along with your application.




      Vendors of new or used commercially produced items, items made from commercially manufactured kits, or mass produced items available to businesses or shops may not participate in this event.  Sale of greenware or craft supplies such as eucalyptus bunches, grapevine wreaths, etc. is not permitted.   Sale of Copyrighted or Trademarked item(s) is not allowed.


      If there is any question pertaining to the authenticity of a handmade item, the burden of proof will lie on you to validate your merchandise.  You may be asked to demonstrate the process of how you make an item.  Renaissance Committee members will be monitoring booths during the show, and, if in their determination you are violating the rules, you may be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.  Participation in future shows may be banned.

4)    BOOTH:

       You will be assigned a 10ft. square area for your display.  If you need a larger area, you need to reserve another    space.  Please note that the maximum number of spaces allowed per crafter is (3) three.




       No animals or generators of any kind will be permitted at Renaissance Jamboree.  Please do not bring them with you or you will be asked to remove them from the event.



      The Town of Bloomsburg, the Renaissance Jamboree, or its organizers will not be responsible for any loss or damage which may occur while on the premises and participating in this show.



       Crafters will be contacted by Berkheimer Tax Bureau regarding a gross receipts tax and license required to conduct business in Bloomsburg which includes Renaissance Jamboree.  Crafters will be responsible for securing license and reports required by the tax bureau.   Your license for the day is $10.00.


We look forward to the Spring of 2018 and another successful Renaissance Jamboree.  We hope that you will join us in the festivities.  If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Makara at 570/387-2088 or email:  type Renaissance Jamboree in the subject line.



The Renaissance Jamboree Committee